My Second Panic Attack

I wanted to run for an SGA position in 5th grade. Because I’m me, I procrastinated much of the requirements and tried to turn them in at the very last minute. The last minute became about 30 minutes too late. The teacher, a short statured, short haired blonde woman was honoring her hard due date and time. I pleaded but she wasn’t having it. I was reasonably frustrated, to the point of crying which was unusual for me. I wasn’t and am not a public crier. Anyways, we were transitioning back to class. A trailer outside. All the TAG kids were in trailers for some reason. I was first in class and went to grab some tissues to deal with my leaking face. That particular tissue box allegedly belonged to a particular student though I still question wtf she was doing with a WHOLE box of tissues. She happened to get back to class sooner than others. She did not approve of me grabbing the box or taking a tissue or two. An argument and grab & snatch match ensued. This only heightened my frustration and anxiety. I just wanted a couple fucking tissues from a box that she falsely claimed as her own. I exploded. Yelling and more crying. Can’t recall what exactly happened but I know my teacher came in and escorted me outside onto the steps of the trailer. I couldn’t stop crying and I started to hyperventilate. I thought, "fuck, it's happening again!" My heart raced. Luckily Jennifer, my teacher, was skilled in helping a child in the middle of a panic attack. Ever since then I've used that technique to de-escalate and sometimes prevent my many future panic attacks.

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