Nappy Pt.1

Growing up I faithfully got haircuts every 2-3 weeks. My mother would not have it any other way. I was constantly fussed at to brush my hair. When I was old enough to take myself to the barber shop, I would get nagged if I hadn’t made a point to go promptly. Right before a cut, my appearance was complained about. Right after a cut I would get "omg, my son is back!" Growing up I got the clear message that a lot needed to be done to my hair and hair like it in order to be acceptable. Hair like mine was innately unsightly and needed to be "trained".

Once I got to college I had to deal with the struggle of not having my barber of 17 years anymore. Luckily I had my own clippers and would occasionally just do it myself. I also had two guys in my dorm who cut hair for fairly cheap, though schedule wise they were hard to pin down. During the first two years of college I would end up going 4-6 weeks without a cut. During the summer after my junior year, the morning I went to Spain for a month long study abroad program, was the last time I received my normal low & tapered cut. When I returned to campus for a summer long research program, I was without a barber until school started again in 3 months. I grew tired of the DIY haircut look and wouldn't cut my own hair anymore. So, I just kept growing it. Though I've done some touch ups here and there, I haven't gotten my usual haircut since then. Over the years I've grown to be boldly and confidently nappy.

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