My Sexism. Your Racism. A Digression

It wasn't quick but it didn't require a lot of work. I wasn't resistant to it. Even now I see my continuing education and alignment with feminism as MY job. Of course women will still have to point stuff out to me because you don't know what you don't know. But I make it a point to do the work and when I ask questions about the subject, I listen sincerely. When women talk about these experiences, I shut tf up and listen. Now, that's not to say I accept everything immediately. That's just not who I am. I wrestle with it and accept getting dirty and problematic in trying to understand. I'm not into it because I suddenly realized my grandmother, mother, sisters, and possible wife & daughters are women. I also don't call myself an ally or a feminist. That just seems arrogant and self congratulatory and self centered.

That may just seem like a tangent that seems like I'm bragging but I promise Bishop Tony is going to bring it home. IF I CAN DO THIS FOR WOMANISM, THEN WHY THE FUCK CAN'T WHITE PEOPLE DO IT FOR RACISM?

Hell, why can't all people do it for all -isms?

Educating The Whites

Deep & Dark