So You Can Make Arrangements

If ever something is going on with me and I suspect that I could die, I try to let my parents know. It’s just so that when I go, they aren’t troubled by the mystery and the frustration and confusion that comes with not knowing. I always want people to be informed. I imagine, the worst thing for those left behind is for someone to be gone and the details of why aren't known. I would guess that the not knowing can be just as painful as the lost.

So that time I had a panic attack while driving I called my parents so they’d know I was hyperventilating, blacked out, and ran into a ditch. When I had vertigo and thought for sure I was going to fall down a flight of steps or get in a fatal car accident, I let them know. Any other upsetting bodily abnormality or pain that could equally be life threatening or benign I usually let my parents know. The times I thought I might have had a brain aneurysm, a stroke, a seizure, cancer, a deadly toothache, etc.

Death and funerals can be very inconvenient. Well, I'm sure they always are. I just want those who have to deal with the aftermath to be as prepared and informed as possible. Because I'm considerate like that.

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