Loving Your Dream Job

I came across this article on Jezebel one day about loving your dream job. It’s a very short read but I’ll go ahead and get to the point here.

What spoke to me most is this snippet,

"It is a fucking luxury to enjoy your job. Millions of people would be grateful to have any job. A lot of people work because they have to, in order to live, and happiness is not even a factor — food and shelter are at stake.”

Focal point “...because they have to, in order to live…”

My first reaction was, but do they really HAVE to? What if you’re someone like me? In my worst moments, I am not all that invested in or passionate about life or living. Working hard at and receiving little satisfaction in something that you lack drive to preserve seems mismatch.

It’s increasingly become important to do work that, for the moment, I think means something and that satisfies me. Working long, hard, boring, stressful jobs just to maintain the basic necessities of life just don’t cut it for me. I understand it’s something some people have to do. I also acknowledge it’s something they’re capable of doing. Me on the other hand, I’d sooner fade away.

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