Sometimes I Forget

…that I have these diagnoses. I sometimes forget that I have these abnormalities that make regular life things harder for me.

I question whether or not my failings are due to my issues or if I’m not being smart or strategic enough. Am I lazy? Am I weak? Am I lying to myself about what I want?

Lately my ambition or imagination far exceeds by ability to produce. I can’t figure it out. Something seems to be missing. Something obvious that I can’t see from where I’m standing. There’s some invisible force weighing me down and binding me. Why aren’t things working out the way I want?

Oh, right. I apparently have some kind of ailment holding me back. Limiting me. Making things harder if not impossible.

So am I doomed to be and feel mediocre? Is this going to be the thorn in my flesh? What tower of Babel was I trying to build that led to me being humbled this way?

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